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Ideate, Innovate and Implement Solutions.

 We provide software development support for a secure, high performance and web based applications.

Our software helps in streamlining the Process of your Business and the flow of your work.

• We help you in better customer support and services.

• You gain real time data from various departments, which allow you to take quick and powerful decision.

• Reduces paper work, duplication of entries and Manual entries.

In short, our software helps to raise your profit and the growth of your Industry.

It Breaks down the walls that are in between sales, support, project and management teams.  All part of your business will work from the same platform.

The special features what our software have are,

All the tools you need to manage your team. • Consolidate multiple apps into the one platform.
• CRM, Projects, Invoicing, Help Desk & more. • iPhone, Android and Web Apps.
• Inbox, Outlook & Gmail Add–ins. • Open API and integration tool set.

Sample of our software projects.

• Inventory Application. • Hrm / Payroll Application.
• School /College Application. • Accounts / Finance Application.
• Hospital ERP.

Insight of software developer work:

We have a very good software developers in our company. The best software developers of our company has created ERP software which can be applied to any business. Software developers make software for the world to use. The job of a software developer is to crank out code -- fresh code for new products, code fixes for maintenance, code for business logic, and code for supporting libraries.

software developer is a person concerned with facets of the software development process. In short, developers "make software for the world to use. Their work includes researching, designing, implementing, and testing software. A software developer may take part in design, computer programming, or software project management. They may contribute to the overview of the project on the application level rather than component-level or individual programming tasks. Our company has a best team of software developers who were expert developers in ERP software.

So Our software developers or website designers are very experienced and give total dedication to client.

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Nbays IT Solutions is based in Australia and caters to clients all over the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, Belgium, Singapore, India ect., Our high quality works and excellent customer service contributes largely to our growth.We provide all requirements in the features of multimedia, comprising of design & development.