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Optimising a website design for all devices saves the time and the cost on mobile development and the site management.

It helps you in staying ahead. Not many sites currently use responsive web design. By making your site responsive, you will stay in the fore of other businesses who do not want to invest in this technology yet. People start to catch on and by the end of the year 2014 almost all websites will be responsive to keep up with the growing number of mobile phone and tablet users. It is obvious that the development cost is low for a responsive design website. Instead of developing your website, One for the mobile and other for your Desktop, if you choose the Responsive design, then automatically the development cost will be reduced to a great extent.

It helps you to stay in your business. Without a responsive website, you are losing customers and losing money. People buy more brands and things online now than they do in stores. By not having a responsive web design, you are not helping to a large part of your potential market and in the way to lose money and business. So by choosing a Responsive design website, it reduces the developed cost and saves your money.

It’s been an easy sell to show why responsive design is held in high regard by most clients as it’s smart business to have a very mobile-friendly site before your competitor does. Business owners just need the facts clearly given to them, and they can weight out whether the extra cost makes sense for themselves. Instead of foot the bill to develop a mobile site and a desktop site, the future clients prefer only responsive design website which aims at reduced development cost.

Reduced developed cost. How? Contanct SEO based web design


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Nbays IT Solutions is based in Australia and caters to clients all over the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, Belgium, Singapore, India ect., Our high quality works and excellent customer service contributes largely to our growth.We provide all requirements in the features of multimedia, comprising of design & development.